Tencel ™ Fabric Care

How to care for your Tencel ™ pieces.

Most AWAN pieces are made in Tencel ™ lyocell jersey from natural wood fibers, that has been made into a performance enhanced fabric in a circular process.

This fabric is both durable and delicate at the same time. With proper care you will be able to enjoy the beautiful drape and softness of your AWAN piece for a long time, and wear it again and again.

But as a newer type of fabric than for example cotton or silk, it is understandable that many of you can feel unsure about how to properly care for it.  

Here are our best tips.

1. Pre-treat

If you get stubborn stains on your Tencel ™ piece, please pre-treat immediately. Most stain removers for delicate fabrics should work fine - just make sure not to scrub the stains as that can easily damage the fibers. After pre-treating, make sure to wash the garment to avoid getting a hard water stain.

2. Wash

Rule of thumb for washing fabrics made from natural fibers: the gentler the treatment, the longer it will last! Also ask yourself: do you really need to wash the whole garment, or can you gently brush a simple stain off the smooth surface with a wet cloth? As our Tencel ™ pieces are exceptionally breathable and antibacterial they are also odour-resistant. And you would do the planet a favour by skipping one machine load.

But of course, sometimes you do need to wash your AWAN garment and the mildest form of care that will keep it looking new for longest, is without doubt to dunk it in the sink with cold water and mild soap. But if you, like so many of us are too busy for hand washing, you can machine wash your Tencel ™ garments on a delicate cycle in cold (no higher than 30°C / 90°F) temperature, and still keep the look and shape for a long time.

PS. For best machine wash care, use a mesh laundry bag. 

It is also worth noting that washing Tencel ™ can leave white streaks if you are not careful. Those white streaks are caused by fabrics rubbing together, which can happen if you wash on normal or overfill your machine. The more clothing you wash together, the more they will agitate.

3. Dry

It is important to hang dry your Tencel ™ garment. Dryers are pretty harsh on most clothing and will unfortunately suck the life out of your Tencel ™ pieces and prematurely fade the colors.

Since Tencel ™ is wrinkle resistant, we recommend you lay your garments flat on a towel to dry or hang dry. Never twist or wring the fabric because that can break the fiber. Hang drying your Tencel ™ garments is the number one way to make it last longer.

Fabric dust

Dyeing Tencel ™ lyocell is a delicate process and the dye house is careful to protect the silky soft surface during finishing. This may however cause some loose fabric dust on your new AWAN pieces. But don't be alarmed - this will disappear after a few wash.