We are building AWAN into a circular fashion brand based on intentional design principles, innovative fabrics and a direct-to-consumer business model.

A less wasteful fashion business

AWAN is part of shaping a new fashion industry that is smart and intentional instead of wasteful and limiting. As a community and data driven fashion brand, we aim to only produce clothes that are in demand, and to leverage technology to minimize waste.

Fabrics to feel good about

We carefully select fabrics in superior and long-lasting qualities, with a minimal production footprint. Fabrics that move and breathe with you, like your second skin.  All of our pieces are produced in Portugal and made to last for a long time with proper care. All fabrics are machine washable on delicate settings at 30°C / 90°F, and have moisture wicking, antibacterial and crease resistant properties. Which means less need for washing and ironing. Easy on the planet while saving your time.

A permanent collection.

Living sustainably means owning clothes that you will wear again, and again. This is why we’re building a seasonless collection based on demand, with elevated essentials you really want to, and can, wear again and again. All day and all night. 

AWAN's key principles for a more circular and sustainable fashion, apparel and textile industry.

  1. Design with a purpose
  2. Design for longevity
  3. Design for resource efficiency
  4. Design for biodegradability
  5. Design for recyclability
  6. Source and produce nearshore
  7. Source and produce without toxicity
  8. Source and produce with efficiency
  9. Source and produce with good ethics
  10. Educate how to get the most out of fewer garments
  11. Educate on how to use and wash garments with care

This is the AWAN way.